Jekyll Island has always held a special place to me. It was the location of my family vacations, where I proposed to my wife, and where we had our honeymoon. So, I was thrilled to be able to bring along my HF rig and operate from there during my vacation on February 20-25th, 2017. The entire island is a state park and is recognized by World Wide Flora & Fauna Parks on the Air program (KFF-0636), US Islands Awards Program (GA006S), and Islands on the Air (NA-058).

I was using two MFJ 40m Hamsticks as a dipole for an antenna. I could tune 20m, but the signal wasn’t that great. I operated from a house near the beach, which had a great view over the radio. I must confess that sometimes I forgot I was operating and just sat there enjoying the view.

Here are some pictures, but of my gorgeous shack, and from around the island from while we were there.


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